Thursday, January 26, 2006

New Projects, progress, and stuff like that....

Unfortunately I have not been able to work on the corset do to the time constraints of working too much and going to school full time. Good news about school: I'm finally getting my second degree program approved so I will offically be in the Art History and in the Painting programs (BA and BFA). Turns out that I only need to take one more French class and I will have a minor in French so I figure that would be a good idea especially because the last semester that I'm there I will only need two more classes and I need to be full time so I figure one more french class to get the minor and one more studio just because I want to... I'm thinking either weaving or ceramics. There's a whole mess with not transfering french 101 so I have to see if they will swap out a class and give me that instead. But I have to wait until I get the final documentation for the BA program. What a pain, it will be worth it though. In other crafty type stuff, I am getting there on the cabled glove and it should be done soon. I put a few more rows on my betrix potter (or however that's spelled) cardigan. I also just did the gauge for another sweater that I'm going to be making. It's a pattern out of the book my sister got me for christmas, and I'm buying almost all the yarn and needles with the gift certificut that she gave me as well. Well I need to get on my french homework, if I want to minor in it I'm going to have to study hard... French comes to me a lot more slowly than art history and painting... which I am kicking some royal butt in my painting class.... It could be that I've taken painting classes before and paint all the time and for a lot of these people this is their first class. Plus I would like to assume I have a natural nack for it and a strong desire to paint... with oil paints.... oh I do love them... I don't have any pictures of my projects so I will post something random instead. Oh, i did find a picture of the gloves that I am making... pretty sweet eh?

Sunday, January 15, 2006


I'm about ready to put in the boning and finish it up with some trim along the top and bottom. I decided to take a picture but unfortunately my camera is kind of broken and distorts the pictures really badly. I did the best I could as far as the pictures are concerned... hopefully I will get the corset done in the next couple of weeks... boning it takes forever!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

yarn delivery

So Jason got the yarn for his afgan and the little ones just had to check it out. So Cute! I can't wait for him to finish it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Project!

So I figured out what to make. They are above the elbow wool gloves with a single cable down the arm to the back of the hand. I will post a picture later today most likely, I want to get back to working on them!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Too much time too little projects

It's wierd, I went through a frenzy of knitting and worked on several projects at once. I have now finished almost all of them. I currently am only working on 2 things and am starting to want more.... so what shall my next project be? Who is to say? Maybe I will make a coffee cup cozy, another pair of socks? hmmm... so many ideas and possable projects... what to do?! I'm sure I will figure it out soon enough. I am getting close to being done with my corset... It's looking so beautiful. I'm about ready to put the boning in!

Saturday, January 07, 2006


It doesn't look like much, but this is the front of the corset that I'm making. I put the busk in (the clasps) and just need to sew next to it to fix it in place. I'm kind of nervous about doing the grommets and stays... but hopefully it will turn out okay.

Backgammon bag

It's finished!!!!!!!!!! Finally!

game piece bag

So I finished my backgammoned bag and I needed something to put the game pieces in so I made this little bag with some left over yarn from the bag.

Betrex Potter Cardigan

These are the buttons that I got from the yarn store in Des Moines last week. Aren't they so cute!

Kate from

Here's a little kitty that I made for my boyfriend (he likes cats). I just finished it this morning. I made it from some yarn that I bought at the thrift store, it was too cheap to pass up (20 cents a skein).

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Well, I finished a bunch of things and took pictures of all of them so you could see them... all the pictures turned out rotten, so I have to retake them tonight. I will post the pictures tomorrow afternoon though... It's so exciting... oh but in the mean time this is a picture of the mittens I made for a friend when they were half finished and a picture of the peter rabbit cardigan (well, really the go everywhere with everything cardigan from Stitch N' Bitch) but I got these kick butt buttons from a yarn store in Des Moines, IA and so now it is all about Betrex Potter's charecters which takes me back a bit.... and i'm rambling... one more thing the sweater will be off white with tan mohair trim instead of the blue and yellow they show in the picture.