Monday, December 12, 2005

Craft Extraviganza and old navy

So just for the record the girls that work at old navy are really wierd, it's like they either hate themselves, hate you, or hate you because they hate themselves. I completely don't fit in there, but they are giving me a raise and seem to be hoping that I will boost their ONC count be a dozen or so a month... (ONC's are old navy card accounts). I worked for a few hours hours this afternoon, pretty uneventful. I think they were disappointed that I didn't get any ONC's in the three hours that I worked. Heck I only had like 6 people come in to try on clothes, I asked half of them and they already had cards... I think we are reaching a saturation point with those things... oh well. On another note it is day 3 of the craft extraviganza! I have only 3 and a half presents done, well one half done, but that's alright... I will get done. I've got like another week and a half to finish. I couldn't get much done this weekend though, I had to work Sunday, and spent most of Thursday and Friday recovering from finals, but Saturday I got one mitten finished, the first one I have ever made, so it took a long time... hopefully the second one will go faster. Well, I better start knitting again.

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