Thursday, December 29, 2005

Finished!.... kind of...

So I finished my knitting in time for Christmas! One pair mittens, two pairs fingerless mittens, one scarf, one stocking cap, one creature (pattern from It is quite a batch of knitting to do in less than 2 weeks. Heck, it took me two months just to finish my bag. Which reminds me, I started working on my backgammon board and it should be done by the end of the week. I'm working on something for my boyfriend and that should be done in the next week too. I have a heel on the second sock that is also calling me. Another thing that I'm going to start working on is a corset! how exciting is that! It's the Laughing Moon Silverado pattern. I'm going to make it pink...hehe... it will have black triming and it will be done in time for halloween this coming up year. I'm going to make a chemise to go under it so it will be a full dress to us... but just underware to those of the 1890's... anyway, I'm excited. I just got all the hardware for it so i'm set. I just need the fashion fabric (the silk). Did you know that there are three layers of fabric to a corset, plus trimming, boning, boning channels, busks, grommets, etc. I've never made anything like this and am looking forward to the challenge. So you see what I mean, I'm finished, kind of.... there always seems to be more things to do with projects giving way to new ones, about the time I finish one i'm starting 2 or 3 more... it's good that way. well i've got to go to work soon. I will post some pictures of all this stuff soon.

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