Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Weekend Knitting Picture

Weekend Knitting Picture
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so this is the bag that i'm working on, the colors are going to be tan burgendy and turquoise. The bag is finished, but I'm only like one forth of the way done with the backgammon board that ties to it... oh well it will get done eventually.


Anonymous said...

did you ever finish the bag? I'm thinking of making one.

Kristin said...

I sure did. But... it was my very first project and although the pattern is great... I was not at that point. I twisted every single purl stitch so it turned out all, well twisted. It is really super cute though. OH and I also used a heavy worsted instead of a regular/light worsted... I didn't know the difference yet. I like it though dispite it's imperfections and my boyfriend and I like to take it with us to the coffee shop and play backgammon! What fun right? I'll post a picture of it finished along with the game piece bag I made to go with it.