Monday, April 17, 2006

Horay! It's my birthday!

So, I have not posted in awhile because mainly I work too much and I have a lot of school work to get done before the end of the semester, but as it is, today is my birthday, which desearves a little post at least.

I was gifted a lot of cool stuff... what was the best gift? I would have to say a really neat bookcase from pier 1 that my sister got for me. It is the perfect size and there was no assembly required. The sides fold out on hinges and the shelves fold down on the same. It is great! I was able to get all the books off the floor and onto it. In fact, with just the books on the floor I filled up 3 shelves! I didn't realize that I was reading so many books.

Top shelf: library books and books i'm reading for fun and craft books that I am working out of
Second shelf: school books that I am reading and books for my research paper
Third shelf: books that I have recently bought that are in que to read, or books that have been given to me that are in que to read
Bottom shelf: half full of articles in folders that I need to read for school.

In other news:
I am going to ride 20 miles for the Tails bike-a-thon.... basically, people make pledges per the mile that i ride or a flat donation, and then once I ride a rediculous amount that I have not tried to ever ride all at once before people say well good job, here's the money and then i turn in the money to the VEG society at NIU and then they turn it into Tails (the local no kill shelter). After the ride we are having a bocca burger bbq! what fun! and it's all for the cats and dogs and other little critters that end up at the shelter. If you would like to donate, post a comment saying so, I will then contact you and give you my info (so you can send a check to me) and i can get your info so I can write down your name and stuff to turn into VEG.

I cut down my hours at work so hopefully I will write a decent paper and do okay on the exams I have coming up.

I love my bike!

Oh yeah, i finished some projects!
1. baby booties
2. water bottle sling of my own design! woot!

That's it for today


Rebecca said...

Hello sis and Happy Birthday!!! I'm so glad you liked the shelf and even better that it had no assembly. Have a joyous and sun shinny day.

Rebecca said...

BTW- I will pledge two dollars per mile. Let me know who I make the check to.

Kristy said...

Happy birthday! Sounds like you had a good day. Did you get your quilt book yet? Also, how is your MAP bag coming?

Kristin said...

It was an interesting day, but it did end with my neighbors making coffee frapp... a road island thing they tell me.... basically icecream and sugar and coffee concintrate...

I haven't made any progress on my map bag yet, i need to make the skirt first (to make sure i have enough material) and it's turning out to be a chore. so it goes.

I didn't get the quilt book, but my mom gave me some money to buy a book, so i will most likely get it with that.

Thanks everyone for wishing me a good birthday!

And Rebecca, are you sure you want to pledge that much, i'm riding 20 miles!