Saturday, April 22, 2006

Trails for Tails

The day of the big ride! So in about 2 and a half hours I will be on my way to ride 20 miles in 3 hours. I have great news too! I just decided to do this ride last week, so I figured that a target goal of $100 in pledges would be kind of ambicious. So, with my last pledges coming in yesterday, I doubled my target goal and have $205 in pledges! My sister really helped by setting the standard of $2 a mile. Before that I was getting pledges of about $5 per person, which is good, I couldn't have made my goal without them! But after she made that pledge 2 other people followed suit in the next two days! Thanks so much to my big sis! Thanks so much to those who pledged! Seriously, every little bit does help.

I did a trial run yesterday and I am glad to say that everything went smoothly and me and my neighbors had a good time. We road from Bush street in dekalb to the far end of downtown Sycamore. I think it was about a 18 mile ride all in all, because we road back and forth quite a bit in Sycamore. Also we stopped at a ritzy hotel restaurant in Sycamore and split a portabella blue cheese burger and some clam chowder.... the waitress must have thought we were crazy to split a burger 3 ways, we did tell here though that we were riding to dekalb afterwards so we couldn't eat much or we would get sick, I think she just thought it was funny and of course that we were crazy. It was such a good time.

It was supposed to rain today, but now they say it is not, in fact it's supposed to be partly cloudy and 65 degrees! perfect weather!

Wish me luck and thanks again for the pledges!

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