Sunday, April 30, 2006

Pita Power!

So today has been the day of great procrastination. But that is okay. I found one more thing to do to procrastinate writing my term paper... and now I am blogging about it to procrastinate some more... man I'm good at this! So basically I went to the library because I just had to get some vegetarian cook books... had to! Sure I did. Anyway I ended up finding a book called "Pita the Great" and they are right, Pitas are great. But what is not so great is that some one tore the main recipe... you know the one... the one where almost every other recipe in the whole book says something like "follow steps one through five on page 22." I think that person, is 1. selfish 2. not book lover 3. not a library lover 4. doesn't respect other people 5 . doesn't think about how their actions effect other people.... basically an all around selfish, nasty, hateful, not knowing how to use a copy mechine person that should be eradicated from the earth! Anyway there was one recipe for whole wheat honey pitas, so I used that recipe instead, but I don't have any honey! what is a girl to do? I dumped in some canola oil and black strap molasses and some sugar... don't ask me how that equals honey in my mind but it turned out great! Not quite the same as sweet honey, but that's okay. It was so much fun to see them puff up in the oven. I've never made them before, but I think it's going to be a weekly ritual to bake pitas on sunday.

Sorry this blog is turning into a text only format, but hopefully by the end of the year I will get a digital camera and be able to put up picutures.

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