Saturday, April 14, 2007


Or at least that is what has been said. Sorry about the lack of, well, anything, I've been way off the radar this past week. I haven't even really been reading blogs, let alone writing on my own. So I thought I would let you all know that I'm still around, and give you a few quick updates.
1. The multi panel piece for the endangered species series is almost finished. Actually more so than these pictures imply because I have worked my way to the right and only have 5 smallish panels left.I'm going to cut more wood on monday to start the second in the series. Oh and I've also been doing more color study collages, I'll post a picture of those after I hang them to take slides from... that's right, i'm putting together my c.v./portfolio and sending it out to galleries and residencies. One of the many things taking up time right now.
2. The performance went really well, but I haven't received the images from it yet. It went so good though, afterwards we ended up talking about textile labor and the american consumer mentality, but I will speak more to that when I get the pictures.
3. There is a new craft leftover pattern up. It was so hard to figure out how to write it up, let me know if it doesn't make sense. I really do like the project though. It's tote for bike baskets to go grocery shopping with! And it's reversible!And on another Craft Leftover note, I'm now posting on Saturday by 2pm.
5. there is another performance, more of the same and some new stuff, coming up at mess hall in chicago on Sunday May 7... or is it the 6th.. it's sunday and it's listed in the sidebar. If you are in the area you should come check it out.
6. I just got an email today saying that the sock yarn finally came in and she (my supplier, Jennifer of Stick Chic Designs on etsy) is going to ship it out asap so there is more dyeing in the near future and hopefully, some will finally go up for sale in the etsy shop.
7. I'm tired and working tomorrow so I'm going to bed, have a good night!


Holly said...

I love the panel pieces! Head over heels love it! It's funny, I was reading your profie and it sounded like you were describing me... about the old lady trapped in a 23 year old body. :)

keri said...

I know exactly what you're talking about, I've been busy lately too and MIA.

You're new leftovers bag is really cute!