Monday, April 30, 2007

I'm back, kind of

I just thought I'd pop in to say that I haven't died yet, but I swear, finals need to get here and get over. I'm on sleep deprivation to the nth degree.

so fun stuff. I finished my first panel piece and placed it in the context of the color study collages. There will be about ten times as many color studies and at least 9 more panel pieces.
Also I would like the band of color to be at least 5 feet wide and wrap all the way around whatever place I install it in.

Here's some details:

And then there was Art Chicago this past weekend, which was awesome.

I'll post more pictures on that subject later.

Right now, I'm really close to the semester being over. I had my painting portfolio review today, and I don't want to brag or sound like an ass, but hell, I did really good.

I'm also plugging away at my weaving project and more color studies. There is also the Fashion and Labor Trade show on Sunday that I'm trying to get ready for. Knitting about 3 socks in one week is a doozy on top of everything else.

But then things will calm down a bit. There will still be a lot to do, but it will be calmer. Then there is the 6 day vacation to Ames to look forward to at the end of May, that will be nice.

Well, I'm going to turn in early tonight, have a good week, hopefully I'll be able to post again soon!

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