Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ferret Update

So Mr B started to get really sick soon after (about 3 days) after I got Sloane. And then she got sick too...

She got better, Mr B got worse and stopped eating.

I took them both to the vet tonight and found out that Sloane has allergies it seems... to dogs!

Mr B...well... he's not doing so great. He has a mass that has pushed his heart down about an inch. And the mass is larger than his heart.

I'm not sure what to do outside of spending a crap load of money on tests that may just tell me what's wrong, but not fix it or try to make him as comfortable as possible. Maybe it will be a mixture of both. I think I'm going to get an ultrasound done to rule a lot of stuff out or maybe know what it is. But more than that I'm not sure what I can afford.

He seems to be taking it a whole lot better than me, that's for sure. He just kind of mosies around and then heads to bed. I'm mostly worried about the not eating on his own thing. I don't like force feeding him. The doctor said that if he stops drinking I'm going to have to put him down.... which I don't really want to do either... sigh. He's like my baby. He's my best friend too. I guess I'll just do whatever I can and knowing that I did my best to help him and keep him comfortable will just have to be enough.

Anyway, I'm pretty exhausted, I'm going to bed. Hopefully some good fun stuff soon.

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keri said...

On no Kristin, I'm so very sorry that you and Mr.B have to go through all this! Sending hugs and positive thoughts your way that he gets better soon!