Thursday, June 28, 2007

New Stuff!

A new ferret!

Mr Beuller has been wanting a girlfriend for a long time now, and I finally got up the guts to ask my landlords if I could have another ferret..... And they said yes! I had a hard time not hugging her to death. They are most likely the best landlords I have ever had.... well i've only had one other, but they are the best I have heard of as well as had. I really lucked out.

I took Mr B to the store and he met 3 lovely ladies, just like a dating show, sniffed all their butts, not so much like a dating show, but I suppose it could be. And seemed to like this little lady the best. Oh here's another picture:

That's them sleeping together. They aren't totally married yet or anything, but seem to be getting along fairly well. He started to get cranky though because he was tired and she wasn't. He's 3 years old and she is about 3 months old, if that. So she has way more energy than he does. Plus he was a bit over stimulated from all the ferret fun and then showing her all over the house. He followed her around and then she followed him.

They both got a bath, which they both hated, then they spent about a half hour rolling round in towels and licking themselves dry. So cute.

So I got another ferret because mr b really did need a girlfriend. Even when I'm home I'm working on stuff and I've read that unless I want to adopt him out, I better get him a buddy or he will get depressed and self destructive (like biting his tail so he looses fur) or just get lethargic and sad. He's been doing the later a whole lot and I have been pretty worried about him. Then when Jason came to visit, he even commented on how he didn't look so great and seemed depressed. And then he offered to help pay. So I asked my landlords today and they were just like "sure, what's one more going to do?" Sweet!

Oh yeah! her name is Sloane, like ferris beuller's girls name in the movie.

So I went ahead and tried my hand at silk screening by masking it off with glue. I just used an embroidery hoop to stretch it.

This was the first one:

I like the logo for the first one, the "crochet+knit+sew=craftleftovers" but it was too detailed, so I cut it back to just the craft leftovers and the ball of yarn and spool of thread.

So yep, anyone want a hand printed craft leftovers patch?


Deb said...

I want a patch!! Give it to me!!!:D

First Run Deb...

keri said...

awe they are so cute together!