Sunday, September 09, 2007

CraftyPod Goodness

Sister Diane of the CraftyPod contacted via email about a month or so ago with some questions on craft overload. We did a follow up interview just 2 Sundays ago and now the show is up, wow she is fast! She interviewed quite a few crafty ladies for the show and it's packed with great insights on how to deal with and avoid becoming overwhelmed with all the craft goodness out there.

To listen to the show and for more details click here.

Thanks so much to Sister D, it was such a pleasure to chat with her and I am so honored that I was asked to participate.

And super thanks to all of you for inspiring me to keep at it, you totally rock.

In other news, I'm up to my knees in fabric working on the subscriptions that are due to go out tomorrow. I'm about to head into my studio to really get things knocked out (less distractions = more productiveness).

This is the box all packed up with vintage goodness to take to the studio. I'm so proud of how fast I was able to cut out 40 fat quarters of fabric. It's great that everyone gets something a little different, but man, I really wish everyone could get some duck fabric, that's right, I found this fabric with ducks on it! And duck ribbon to match! I love mallards, maybe a kick back to the times feeding them down by the river... ah, stale bread.

I'm thinking that given how fast things went (knock on wood), I'm going to take on 10 more subscriptions next month! We will see how that goes.

Anyway, back to work!

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