Sunday, September 16, 2007

Toe Up Fantastic!

I dyed up some fab yarn on Wednesday and loved it so much that I decided I should make another batch for myself. I cast on this Friday and blah. I don't know that it was, I just didn't want to do another top down, lots of ribbing, blah blah blah sock. Plus, this yarn is so gorgeous the idea of wasting even one quarter of an ounce killed me. So toe up it is. Love it. Well, hate that I can't find a pattern that I like. At all. Anywhere. I've heard rumors of good patterns, but I didn't like any that I found. Not even a starting cast on. So I made up my own (which later I found out has been done for years, but whatever, I didn't see it anywhere and figured it out so that makes me think I learn knitting through osmosis or something, "internet knitting blogs show me your secrets *woooooooooooo* while waving the arms usually does it).

Anyway, I'm have this particular heel in mind, you know, the depression heel. It's the one that you add in separately so you can redo it if it wears out. By my thinking, instead of busting out a heel being bad, it might just be fun, I can change the color of the sock and it will be like a whole new pair! Exciting!

I'm totally sick right now, so some toe up knitting in bed while watching Sunday movies sounds good.

I do need to work on the CL Monthly today as well. I have it all laid out in my sketch book and need to transfer it all to digital media. I have some super fun stuff in mind.

Oh I posted a pattern for these little guys last night:

I really like them. I think I'm going to make more of the non-bias tape version (the bias tape one took about 5 hours to hand sew around the edge) for the handmade market. Which reminds me, I have a sidekick again for Craft Leftovers. She is really rocking and she's going to help me out in my studio with making kits and sewing and art stuff. It should be really good. I'm thinking if I get help, then I can offer more subscriptions. Oh yeah, 20 will be going on sale tomorrow (Monday) at 3pm in the Etsy shop. I'm also going to put more kits in the shop on Wednesday night. There is going to be lots of new kits, like this little guy:

I'm going to take some pictures of my new studio space soon and show you around those projects later this week. I'm going to go start that lazy thing that's good for today. I wish you all the lazing about you need too!


highflyinsm said...

Sorry to hear your sick. :(

The socks are looking good though!! Apparently my toe-up is also made up, via my cousin. oh well!

p.s. this is mary. :)

Deb said...

Okay. The little stuffed guys are adorable and the bibs...? Too great......Is there no end to your inventiveness.....

Your loyal fan,