Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Oh the Dog Days of School

I'm going to be heading to my second day of class in about 15 mins here. I think I need to wake up earlier. I got up about an hour ago and have been packing up orders and letters and answering email.

I love making that personal connection to the Craft Leftovers readers, but I've been spending about 3-4 hours on average answering emails... too much.... I want to make stuff. So I'm going to try to be a bit more concise which is so hard for me. Because as all of you know, I love to ramble.

Anyway, other things:
My prof is trying to get me a residency for the Junk Mail Project. We were looking at ThreeWalls, but the deadline was in May (I just really started looking into it). I'm going to chat some more with her and another prof to see if they know of an appropriate space. I've also thought about pitching the proposal to Mess Hall. I would have talked to them first, but I think they have already had a project there dealing with recycling paper into art, which is too close to what I'm doing. I might just try to find a vacant store front and see if they will let me use the space for a month or two. A residency would be best/super fun.

I'm getting a huge sweet studio space that will be in the corner so I have two walls. I think it's about 12 x 12, maybe a little smaller, but if it gives you an idea, the one I have now is only 8 x 8. Also, it locks. Mine is just marked off by tape in the main open studio space, lame. I get a key to the building and the room. It's a lot more private.

We are doing a studio clean up tonight because the people last year left everything trashed. Hopefully some free stuff will come my way. That's the best thing about clean up. Everything from the previous year is up for grabs.

Oh one last thing, I almost forgot!

I started a Craft Leftovers subscription. It's on sale in the shop starting yesterday until Monday (the 3rd) or it sells out, ha! like that's going to happen! edited in: okay so it's almost sold out, that is so awesome/amazing. I'm shocked, flattered, can't believe it. You can get all the details on Craft Leftovers.

My favorite part is that you get a little Craft Leftovers Monthly zine! Woot! It's got a little project, tips for stress free crafting and living, little handmade and reclaimed goodies. The whole subscription is for a kit, the zine, reclaimed goodies, and a little handmade fun.

Oh and just getting back from school now, i had to cut it off before posting....

There is only one subscription left! Wowwy!

I feel falsely rich... I'm going to keep it all in my paypal account for now and use it to make purchases for the Handmade Market and of course shipping and handling. What great timing, I was just about to go to the thrift shop/antique shop looking for stuff for displays.

Anyway, I have to head back to class again. See you all later!

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Andrea Rusin said...

Hey there! I found a book you need -assuming you don't already know about it. Get Crafty: Hip Home Ec by Jean Railla. She's the person behind getcrafty.com. I think you'll like her.

I hope it's all going well and you're not discovering too many messes I left behind!