Friday, November 16, 2007

Breaking the Golden Rule

So for me, the golden rule for a long time has been to not drink caffeine after 5pm. I can get away with 4:59, but 5pm and I'm up all night. It's about to come to it. Give me that coffee. Bring it on. I have a long weekend and follow weeks ahead and I need to squeeze out every last bit of creativity and production that I can manage. That. This is where the title Over extracted comes from. It's taking it to the edge and then some until the coffee is over spent. Or I am over spent. In the case of coffee... not so good. In the case of myself.. well there is something satisfying about know that I have pushed myself to my capacity. The only thing that sucks. Well, my messy apartment. I could do with a clean up.

I participated in a rocking group show last night at the Pleasant Street Gallery, I'm going to be full of myself and only show shots of my stuff:

general peoples enjoying the show. Actually it is Katie on the left and Joanna as the pink blur I believe and Staci on the right in the other room in the red. All artist folks showing their amazing work last night.

This is the weaving project I have been working on and have shown you pictures of time to time. This is the first time I have shown it anywhere though.

Endangered Plant Species Panel Series

Part of the Larger Junk Mail Project (One Year of Junk Mail), This is "One Day of Junk Mail"

Detail of the Mobile and Cast Shadows

Here is a shot of how my "room" was arranged.

We had to take down today, and as it turns out I had to go to St Charles to participate in the Strategic Planning Task Force of the NIU College of Visual and Preforming Arts. I was the undergraduate representative. It was realllllly interesting. I don't want to say too much though. Anyway, point being that I had to take down last night, brush up on the material for today, then get up at 6:30, which turned into 7:20 because I stayed up even later looking for Sloane. So the cage was still open and she popped up on the bed and woke me up by snuggling my head. It was cute. It was a really long day.

It was really interesting though.

I did get about 2 inches on a large knitting project that is in the Christmas category, so it will stay nameless.

I have to work in the morning at Encore, which will help me make up the loss of pay from not working today.

Let's see:
Stretch hogs gut for drying
Give ferrets bath
Give myself a shower
Clean more
Finish pattern for tomorrow
Finish CLM December for Monday
Work on Sketches
Work on other patterns
Work on animations
Work work work.

So.... more coffee for me tonight foooor sure!

I'll see you all later, if I don't get too over extracted that is.


Deb said...

'Stretch hog guts'? First thing on the list?? Yikes.
BTW, Happy Thanksgiving!

Fan Deb..

Mrs. Pivec said...

Thanks for the instructions on my blog. :)

In reading your profile, I see that you will likely enjoy aging. I think I like and do everything on your list too - including the NPR and sometimes classical music.

Oh, and I love, love, LOVE your mobile! So beautiful ~ so nice that something so beautiful can be made out of all that junk - and all those poor, wasted trees.