Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lovin' the Crochet

So I just started this bag last night, worked on it about an hour. Then just for 2 and a half hours today, if that. I had to get up and run around after Sloane trying to get her to go in the litter box, get off the table, then she got angry and jump/ran/leaped onto my chair and into my tea. Woo wee. That little girl is crazy. But I love her, and she is just oh so cute.

Here is the tea she tried her best to spill, but I saved it. Oh and here is the little red work chick linen tea cloth that I picked up at the Craft Sale I was in this past weekend. Aren't those little chicks just so great!

And seeing this picture I realize I have, from front to back, embroidery, crochet, knitting, and spinning all represented in this one shot. That makes me pretty happy.

Oh and just for the record. I love my sun tea spot coasters for my hot tea too, not just the iced.

So my market bag. I just realized that the photo is bad. So I'll take another shot when I get back from class. I followed the pattern and only made one slight alteration (added another row of sc on the strap and border so it would be a bit thicker). It's from the book Simple Crochet, the first craft book I every bought before I even knew how to make a proper sc stitch. It was actually from this book that I learned how to do all other basic stitch. Best crochet book every award... I'll call it the "I'm Hooked on You Book award" That's a long title, but I like it!

I think I would also give it to Loop d' Loop Crochet as well because that book is also just amazing. I can't wait to make the little jacket for my friend's daughter as well as the lace stockings for myself. I also want to make that big comfy looking orange jacket and the smart spike stitch cardigan is on the list too.

Oh and way long ago back in the era that was September 2007, I started my first ever toe up sock to see how much I can get from one skein of my hand dyed yarn. The knitting commenced and here I am! Just about ready to BO! That is one long-o knee sock. It actually goes to the top of my knee. That is so exciting. Now to make the second. I'm casting on tonight, right after I finish this one. I really want to get these finished before I start my Christmas knitting, countdown has begun. 2 weeks. Can I finish another knee sock in two weeks? We will find out I suppose.

Oh, that's a bit blurry, yuck. I'll pick up my tripod from my studio and re-shoot for sure now, promise.

Wow, so two posts in one day! I think I'm trying to make up for my absence these past 2 months.

See you all later!

ps - I listed 10 of the November clm in the shop yesterday, so if you missed it before you have until Monday morning to pick one up, then they are going off on their way to the Sampler.

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