Thursday, November 08, 2007

Good Times

Well this week has been pretty darn good. Busy. But still good. Mainly because I actually got everything done that I set out to do. An amazing feat if I do say so myself. Tomorrow I'm heading out of town so there was pressure to get all the school type stuff done now instead of on oh say, sunday night. Geeze. So I have. Amazing!

I think what really helped was instead of continuing to freak out like I was on Monday (just really overwhelmed), I stopped, went to Panera, got some coffee, good food and planned out my week. I planned it out in a realistic way too. Not just "oh my gosh this is how much I have to get done by the end of the semester! aahhhhh!" I made a list of short and long term goals. I actually just took it out to the end of the semester. I lined up goals for each week and than within each week, each day. And at the end of each day I've been re-evaluating what I need to do, what I was able to get done, and go from there. It's worked really well. I think I'm going to have to keep it up.

I finished and documented my weaving project.
Posted new stuff to the shop.
As of tonight I will have my mold finished for the creepy beeswax fruit.
Got my second sock cast on and started.
Finished the overstuffed chair for the animation.
Talked to audio visual people about shooting the animation.
Started on the next Craft Leftovers pattern.
Cleaned some more.

Lots of other stuff too in there that I can't even remember. All I know is that I have routinely checked everything off my to-do list for each day. That makes me pretty dang happy.

Oh and I sold some more craft leftovers monthly. And some of the yarn I just dyed sold. And I just today sold the first Honey Bunny kit! I love that kit so much and I'm so happy it has finally sold!

Well, I'll talk to you later. Sorry no pictures this time. I thought it would be better just post without than not at all.

Have a good evening!

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kimmr said...

I like
your "I'vegotsomuchtodohowamIgoingtogeteverythingdone" way of breaking things down to a more managable way of looking at things. Thanks for the idea. I'm going to try it.