Thursday, November 01, 2007

Stringy things... mmmm... delicious

So I'm starting this new project dealing with issues surrounding genetically engineered fruits and veggies, and how it's done with animal genes, and most offered at your local super market are, and it isn't required info, I understand why it's done. I'm not saying that people are playing evil scientists, but all the same, it's kind of creepy. So I'm going to make some creepy fruits and veggies. One part of that is this:

And while doing research on hog's gut I saw this:
by artist Fran Reed on this site. And it got me thinking about creepy little fish fruits an veggies with scales and fins sticking out.... yuck yes. Creepy yes. Perfect. I'm kicking myself because I just bought and ate some fish fillets and pitched the skin. I'm not sure how I would go about preserving/working with it so it doesn't stink to high heaven... or at least so my apartment doesn't. There aren't the proper facilities to work with it at my studio. I also don't want to make anyone else suffer because of my smelly work. So at the apartment it will be.

I'm also going to be making a piece mold and casting fruits and veggies with beeswax. I'm pretty excited about that. I'll shoot some pictures tonight while I'm working on it.

I have a group show coming up on the 15th (thursday) at the Pleasant Street Gallery. I really want to show this work, but I don't think I'll have enough time to build my fruit display as well as all the fruit to fill it. So I'm making a crocheted market bag that I will place some in and hang that on the wall, or maybe on a little side table so it will look like you are just coming up on a market bag and then it will be filled with all these creepy produce.

I'm also, finally, all set up to weave the second part of the identity deconstruction project. So I'll be working on that this afternoon and hopefully burning it out monday night for the group crit. What fun right? That along with the first piece in the series will be in the group show too. I'm going to have flip books so you can see the burning of it without any fancy technology stuff.

Oh and how appropreate for Halloween. My friend and I both dyed last night. Hahaha, what a bad pun. No seriously though, we dyed a crap load of yarn and it was super fun working on it with another person. I think at first I was a little tentitive but then I got into it. I might have to redyed that first batch because it's not up to snuff:

I just feel like it needs something more. Maybe I'm just being neurotic about color and going over kill. I'm going to let it dry, skien it, then see what it looks like.

I did like this one though:

It's kind of interesting how this one looks kind of weirdo right now, but I can tell it will be beautiful once I get it skeined.

So there will be a big gpf update this Saturday as well as a big Craft leftovers update. How exciting right?

Well, I need to get stuff together for class. See you all later.

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