Monday, May 01, 2006

Tea Swap!

Hmmm... so! There is a woman who decided that knitting and tea is the best combination, and that other people most likely think so too... she was right! I think so! So she is going to host a tea swap for knitters. In a package you send your swap pal three things:
1. a package of your favorite tea
2. a treat to eat with the tea (cookies/scones)
3. 2 skiens of yarn from your stash... unfortunately I do not have a huge stash, but I'm sure I
can save up enough to buy two skiens for my soon to be swap pal!
I also said that I would be fine with an international buddy, so maybe I will be sending my package overseas, how exciting! Today is the last day to sign up, you should do it too! Just go to and send her an email with your info.

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