Monday, March 19, 2007


That was quite the breather! I love vacation, especially when I don't have anything in particular to do. Although I'm sure I could have spent my time more wisely, I sure did enjoy myself... and my visitors. Both my friend Jill and Jason made it here to visit with me. It was great! Jill came the first half of the break. We used the time to shop and craft and mainly I taught her how to crochet and she taught me how to make jewelry! We also walked around and had some good times in general. Here are the earrings she helped me to whip up.

It brightened up just enough to take two bike rides! So I put my new clip peddles on my bike and road off to no where in particular. It was wonderful! I even stopped in the park to sketch some geese. I haven't tipped yet either so I'm happy. I did come close today though. Oh yeah, for those of you out there who aren't acquainted with these peddles I'm talking about, basically you have these shoes with a clip on them and they lock into the peddles. It is a common occurrence to forget to up clip them and literally just fall over on your bike. More embarrassing then painful. It happens in theory several times until you get used to it, but hopefully it will be one cycling experience I will never have to endure.

Anyway, then Jason came and we just hung out a whole lot, it was super fun. You know, I honestly don't know what we did in particular, just kind of hung out. We did get out and about quite a bit, but mainly just running around together. It was great. I can't wait to finish school so I can see him more than once a month or so.

Some pretty cool stuff has been happening, like Craft Leftovers was just featured again on the CRAFTzine blog! I am excited to say the least that it wasn't just a one time freak thing. Also there are more kits of a new kind up in the store. All the proceeds from those go towards the book that I will hopefully come out in the fall. I scored some sweet buttons while my friend Jill was here and some more when Jason came to visit, I have a secret project that I am working on with those. I will post pictures when it's finished.

Oh I made a new reversible tissue holder for myself just to make sure I had the kinks worked out of the pattern, I am really loving it. Here are some pictures of it in and out.

I got some coffee and tea in the mail today which is always so nice. I tried out the cherry green tea immediately and it was delicious!

I am also whipping up some ideas for my senior show.... or my three senior shows... geeze. I'm maybe going to have twoish in chicago and one in dekalb. I'm not sure what the one in DeKalb will be, but I'm sure it will get worked out. I will think of something, I always do.

Oh there has been a really long delay/back order on the sock yarn so I think I'm going to just dye up what I have left and it should be ready by this weekend. I'm shooting for some brown and green variegated in the sock, some green in the hemp sock yarn for me, and some green for the worsted that I'm going to make into a sweater vest. I'm on a sweater vest kick lately, I'm not really sure why, I am just loving them.

Ah yes, the list. So what did I get done on it?
Clean, clean, clean
Sleep, sleep, sleep

That was seriously all there was time for... I did throw away a lot of stuff, and consigned about half my closest, but I have a long way to go as far as getting rid of all the undesirables in my apartment. Not to mention more cleaning! It never ends, but you all know that well I'm sure.

Have a good day!

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keri said...

I love decluttering, it feels so good to have everything organized and only keep what you're using.

It sounds like you had a lovely break!