Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Miss match, moch poge

The sewing rebellion was well underway in the picture above. It was great. I will post more about it later.

Okay so for whatever reason I can't move or delete any photos, so they are kind of mixed up. Above is one of the Craft Leftover Kits that is going out with the mail tomorrow. The picture of the other side is below.

These are shots of the gallery opening at Pleasant Street. It was a pretty good time. A lot of good stuff there. The central figure facing everyone is reciting some really amazing poetry. I think is was titled "it's like..."

Here is my piece. I really loved the shadows, but couldn't get them with the flash, so it's a little blurry. I don't have a tripod.

Okay, so this is Oak Park from the train platform.

This is the storefront window of a shop in Oak Park. I really wish they would have been open!

This is Elbern from the train, it was kind of an interesting sunrise, the windows tinted everything green.

On the way back I finished my second sock! Now where did I put that first one? Oh and look how close I was to not making it, that's all the yarn I had left! I did get a pair out of one skein.
So I would have deleted, then turned, and re-uploaded this one, but blogger won't let me. Oh well. It was a really interesting performance piece. All the little bags were filled with milk, and people were invited to prick the pins and let the milk drain out.
This is the other image of the kit I mentioned above.
And here is me next to the piece I had in the show.
And now I need to go finish my tapestry. Hopefully it will be all done by tomorrow. Have a good week!

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Deanna said...

Okay, I'm only commenting because I can't access gmail from work...but how much of that glorious tweed to you have left? What fiber is it? It's almost a shame that it's being sold for washcloths, unless it's some kind of itchy wool stuff.