Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Good Day

Well, I swear it really was. For several reasons actually.

I woke up this morning and drearily checked my email only half awake.... wow there are a lot of emails this morning, maybe an order..... most likely not.... Inbox 11... click! 2 Orders! One from each store! Which means I had my very first yarn order! I really hope she likes it. And another kit sold too, which always makes me happy. It's like not only do people like what I make, but they actually want to make it themselves! I get so few comments on Craft Leftovers that sometimes it gets a little discouraging, but when kits sell, I know that I'm on the right track!

So good thing number one.

Then off to the post office, I really like the guy who works there, he so freaking nice and tell me all these great hints about sending packages and how to get the best rates and what forms to fill out for customs and thing.

Then to weaving.... finally, warps on and ready and time to start weaving.... my prof couldn't get over, she loves what I'm making and that I'm using wire warps. Here is an in progress shot:

What a mess right? It has taken well over 16 hours just to get it set up! 480 warp end of wire! eek! Thankfully the actual weaving will go faster than that. I think I may be able to finish tonight. I'll post more in progress shots of the actual weaving tomorrow.

For the weavers out there:
I'm using wire warps and wefts and inlaying every other row with shredded paper. 480 warp ends and an epi of 16 (8 for each side of the double weave). I'm doing a double woven tube to form a shirt. The sleeves will be added later towards the top at about the 12 inch mark. I'm using toilet paper as fillers around the shirt that will be pulled out later. I will snip the wire around the shirt and twist it so it stays put.

Then Monday night at 9:30 in the lagoon fire pit, I will ceremonially set fire to this self portrait (it is made to my dimensions and of shredded paper from my mom (my dna so to speak)). Then we will un-ceremonially cook smores over it if campus security hasn't kicked off the site.

Okay so good things 2 and 3.

Then while at work, I got a bug... a design a sweater vest with crochet and knitting bug.

Here is the swatch, the sketch, and the start:

I really think it's going to work nicely.

I'm starting with 2 inches of 2x2 rib, the alternating 1 inch of stockinette stitch and 1 inch of crochet. The decreases and increases will be worked every 4 rows of knit and every other crochet. It will be topped off with 2x2 rib, then knit straps that have a sc edging.

I'm trying to take detailed notes and will write the pattern up to share on Craft Leftovers. I'm not sure when it will get finished, but I'm hoping it will be a June pattern. We will see how it goes.

Oh and the pattern was a good excuse to get my hands on some inox size 1 us cir needles and a size d crochet hook... I figure it's a tank top and I'm not too crazy... right? right?! okay so maybe a bit, but it's going to be so cute it will be worth it!

I am also almost finished with my sweater vest and I will write up that patt as well, but I'm think that might be published more towards the fall... I love sweater vests!

so good things all over the place!

More weaving for me, you kiddos have a good night!

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You are so brilliant!!
Pure genius!!!

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