Friday, May 11, 2007

The Day is Upon Me

Seriously time is just going too fast. It's May, soon it will be June, before I know it December!

I got really sick on Saturday, like bad.... like it wasn't good in anyway. But I'm better now, and I'm totally behind schedule. I had everything planned out. Like if I do such and such every day, than everything will get done on time. Well I didn't get such and such done on Saturday, so now i'm getting such and such done today and not this and that. So it goes.

Bad news is: No craft leftover project this week
+++I'm not going to be able to use the 16 harness loom over the summer because it is not assembled. It makes me sad, but is understandable.

Good news: there will be two next week
+++I still get to use the 4 harness and am going to do another wire/paper/fire piece. A reconstruction of my identity now that I have purged it so to speak.
+++I have a commission to finish for a friend... anniversary present kind of thing. I guess her husband is really into endangered spiecies of plants and things so she wants one of my panel pieces.
+++I am going to collaborate with the artist Brett W. (mentioned in the last post when I knew how to spell his name). I sent him a picture of the liner I was working on and he really loved it. So now we are going to start collaborating on those. He will do the outsides and I will do the liners. We are hoping to get into a show with them later on. He's going to drop off a few (I think he mentioned before like 12! eagads! where will I put those!) so I can start working on them.

+++I'm going to participate in a performance piece tonight for the looptopia event that's happening in Chicago. Here is the blurb:

"As part of Looptopia, the Open Studio Program presents Carole Frances
Lung's overnight performance commemorating Chicago's history of
garment production and recognizing the sleepless night shift worker.
In the Page Brothers storefront at 179 N. State Street, two laborers
will create uniforms while another supervises in two-hour shifts
beginning at 5 pm and working until dawn. They will perform all the
steps of creating a garment, from cutting out the pieces to
merchandising the garments modeled from real people in the store front
windows. The laborers are participants from the Synchronized Sewing
Squad, a volunteer community from Chicago of unskilled and skilled
textile workers who perform garment production in public space."

+++Oh and I start class tomorrow in Naperville which should be really good, if I don't fall asleep!
+++I'm about to finish my first sweater vest!
+++I contacted the Sampler about my two stores (Green Prairie Fibers and the Craft Leftover Shop (kristin roach originals currently)) and they gave me the thumbs up so I'm going to start cracking on that. It needs to be sent in by June 1st! Which is just around the corner! I want to get post cards printed up for Green Prairie Fibers because it will just be yarn swatches, so I was thinking about attaching them to the post card and having an image of the dyestuff (walnut leaves or something) faded as the background with text over that and then images of the yarn on the front.... so anyone know where I could get that done cheap and quick? like 50 - 100? under $50?

Well, I'm off to work, then Chicago, then Naperville, and maybe home. I need to pack sack lunches for like 2 days worth of meals!

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Deanna said...

I'm exhausted just reading that. It sucks that your final experience at Looptopia was so...strange. I saw a performance art piece near State and Washington with someone "teaching" (pantomiming) while surrounded by green chairs, books, and apples. I didn't see much else.

I hope you're a little less sleep deprived now. :)