Thursday, May 24, 2007

Sampler Samples

Okay so they are all ready to go and I'm dropping the box off at the post tomorrow. How exciting right. This might lead to some good things, I'm not sure what exactly, but some free publicity can't hurt. Here is a picture of everything:
And I've also been working on some little painting collages, what do you think:
I found this nice little frame at Salvation Army the other day and then I bought some paints from the clearance bin at walmart. I was just having fun playing with it. Sometimes it's nice just to play with paints and not worry if it has some kind of higher meaning. That's kind of been the goal of my vacation, just relaxing, having fun, no worries, no stressful activities. It's been a good break. And I still have a couple days left of it.

I'm also going to work more on the second in the endangered species series tonight, this is the start I got on it last week, I'm hoping to have it finished by next friday, we will see how it goes:
There's about 30+ pieces so getting done in a week plus dyeing yarn is going to be a whole lot of work. But... good news, I think I might have help. Some classmates of mine said that in exchange for dinner and fiber arts lessons they will give me hard labor. So I might get some help preping the yarn at least. They are going to help me put together kits and pick out and cut fabric combos for the different items I'll be selling. So woot to that. Maybe once I graduate and move to Iowa I will be able to get a supply of interns from the art department at the local university. That would be pretty sweet. I didn't think that I might have something to offer workers other than money. But now that I think about it, I would totally work in someone's studio to learn how to say: throw pots, work with metals, book arts, etc.

Here is a little preview of this week's Craft Leftovers pattern:

Hopefully the pattern makes some kind of sense. I'm really worried that even with my best intentions I have a whole lot of errors. It's inevitable when you are just one person making, writing, and testing all of the patterns. I know that I assume things. So if you notice any, if you've made something from Craft Leftovers, send me an email or leave a comment. It's important to me. I really want to put quality patterns out there. I know how frustrating it is to be mislead by poor pattern writing. I don't want to be a poor pattern writer.

Well, that's all for now, I better get on that pattern I just previewed. I have it written up to the last step and just need to finish it and then type it up.

Have a good night!

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