Wednesday, August 22, 2007

MacBook Loving

I posted about it on Craft Leftovers, but neglected, I'm going to say out of grief, to post about it here. My little ferret baby Sloane decided it would be a good idea to figure out how to climb up onto my bed, where I happened to have left my ibook and tea while I got up to go grab something or other, and play in my tea, on my keyboard, shorting the logic board, killing all ports. Sigh. I naively thought it may have a chance of being fixed. I was right.. but for around 750... another sigh.... another big purchase... and now! volia!

I am the proud owner of a new macbook and it has a fancy little remote. Which I'm not really sure that I need as I am always within hand reach of my computer.

It was an hour and a half trek to the closest apple store... an hour wait to see a "genius"... 5 mins of him looking at it to tell me I am f-ed... 20 mins in line because the lady in front of me was annnnoying.... 10 mins checking out because the guy was nice and went through everything with me and asked me questions and told me about this:

So now I am a proud owner of one of these babies:

For Free!

I got the green one, to which the guy checking me out said: "oh, good choice, green is nice." So I guess I made good choices. It was fun because I without knowing it really stroked my ibook which was in my tote and he said "it will be okay, let it go, your macbook will be good to you" hehe... I am grieving big time for my lost ibook. Not just all the data, but also just the physical item. I have become attached to it. The macbook seems so large in comparison. I just had the 12 inch, which was actually 11.5 inches.... this one is 13 inches. It's nice though and I'm sure it will work well for, well, work!

In other news, I'm am officially going to be at the Saturday, October 13th Handmade Market in Chicago from noon to 4:30. I will have a table there for Craft Leftovers and a basket for Green Prairie Fibers.

Oh! I also just did an interview with Jennifer of the Craft Sanity Podcast last Sunday and Sister Diane of the CraftyPod emailed me on Monday oddly enough to set up an interview for her podcasts! Things have been nuts around here since the conference. It's like everything has started to really take off.

In other Craft Leftovers news, I'm going to do a huge revamping to the etsy shop, mainly to the kits. As of the Sept 1stish update they will include alllllll needed supplies including needles and hooks and and and, well, you know, whatever they may need, except a sewing machine, because that would be rediculous-o. So the prices will be going up a bit. The handmade stuff, other than the catnip and lavender pillows and the reusable tea bags, will either go up in price or out of the shop. I haven't decided yet.

I'm hoping to also have some new kits when the shop reopens, but we will see how that goes.

Anyway, that's all for now. I'll try to get some shots of some works in progress tomorrow. Oh and I start school on Monday..... blark!

Have a good week everyone!

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Amby said...

Hi, I just happened upon your blog today and read your sad computer story. I just got a macbook a few months ago and love it. I'm always nervous that something's going to happen to it, though! I'll have to be careful with my tea!