Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Update time!

Hey kiddos! How's it hanging? I'm pretty good over here in the big DK... haha, yeah, big if you count all the corn as citizens! We are gearing up for Corn Fest at the consignment shop, marking tons of stuff to a dollar and thank goodness. We are running out of space and it's getting cramped in here. The dollar sale always cleans the place out!

Kind of a hectic rush before school starts again. I've been trying to get my apartment in order and unload tons of stuff to the Salvation Army. I have 4 bags packed up and ready to go, but I'm thinking that everyone else has the same idea or something because when I went to drop them off, the bins were packed, there was stuff piled around them, and it was rainin... well, no thanks. I'll wait instead of letting everything get rained on so they are chilling in my car until they can be dropped.

I'm also working hard to get Craft Leftovers 2 months ahead in the pattern cycle before school starts. I wrote 4 patterns this weekend so I'm getting closer. Only three more to go! My pattern testers are great and are working hard to proof everything for me. I send them kits in return so it's not completely a one sided thing. With the last pattern I sent them some little fancy soaps too, so they get more than just yarn and fabric.

BlogHer was great, I did a full write up over on Craft Leftovers sense that was the reason I was invited. It's been great! I've had several orders from the shop since I've been back... am I using since and sense right? what's the difference in the spelling, someone totally needs to fill me in, I've never been able to get it straight, anyway... and a huge increase in visitors and comments on Craft Leftovers. It was so much fun, it is so much fun. I did exceed my bandwidth, again, which is kind of neat because that means people have been downloading the patterns.

I got a second opinion on Beuler and he does have a mass and only has maybe a month or so to live, maybe less, maybe more, it's hard to tell without knowing what it is. Even the doctor said that it was a pretty hopeless case because of how big and where it was. Sigh... $500 in vet bills only to be told he's dying. It is a relief to know one way or the other.

I know I've been really absent lately, which is unfortunate because I think writing about my day to day helps to keep track of things, think about stuff in different ways, get feedback, and chart progress. So. I'm going to try to post a bit more often about stuff that's going on with pictures and stories and whatnot. Let's see if that happens.

Best wishes everyone!


emily said...

sense is when you can sense something like, I can sense that you are standing right behind me.

Fleecy said...

I'm so sorry about Mr.B! It's very hard to lose a best friend. Hopefully, the two of you are not in alot of pain.