Friday, February 24, 2006

Crewel and Cats

So I have been sick and i figured out the cause, it was not the flu it was stress. So you know what my cure was? well it was not medicine that did the trick it was the library! I do love that place. So I had to return some movies I had rented and I went reguardless of the migraine that was plaging me and a good thing too. The longer I was there the less I noticed my headache and by the time I had found four good books, one book on cd, and two movies my headache was miniscule and I felt wonderful. No nausia, no headache, just inspiring thoughts and smiles all around. So two books I found were just how-two's so not much to mention there, but the other two! oh the other two! Cats on Quilts and The New Crewel! What fun books and just the kind of thing that I've been looking for. I've been thinking about designing a quilt and about making some purses with embroidery and crewel is really what I was thinking of I just didn't know the right name! So yep... oh and another thing that helped me out (my headache is gone completely now I think because of this directly) I found out that instead of failing my french test like I was thinking (and I'm serious, I thought I was done with french after this, it was all written too so it was mostly skills and not multiple choice dumb luck) I got a B+! Almost an A! So now I'm going to go to borders and sign up for their prefered customer card and hopefully by next christmas I will have enough money in that christmas savings account to buy the new crewel book! woot!

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