Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Etsy bitsy!

So my cousin just happened to send me a link to It's kind of like ebay, but different. There is no auction, but more just buy it now, which is kind of nice because you (the seller) can set the price. The really neat thing is that in order to sell on your product has to be handmade/handcrafted or at the very least original hand assembled. I think I may sell stuff that I make from my scraps on there... I do fancy making tote bags and such so it should be fun. The listing price is not too bad and when you sell something the "selling" fee is 3.?%... i think 3.4... which is not half bad.

On another note I have been sick with the flu lately which is why I've been on the internet so much... just so you know... I mean I'm not a slave to my computer or anything. Well my crossiants are done so I'm going to go eat those and hopefully they will go down and stay down okay. And hopefully I will be okay to take my exam tonight... Have a good day internet folks!

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