Thursday, February 09, 2006


I'm finally finished with my corset... just in time to. We, Jason and I, are going to be celebrating our two year anniversary this weekend! I'm almost done with a skirt to match it to. It's just a jean skirt made out of some old jeans and some scrap fabric, but it's still cute and free! I started working on the second glove again.. hopefully I will get it done before I don't need it anymore. If I'm lucky I will get a lot done on it this weekend. I can't believe I made a corset! it's so beautiful. I'm sure I will look back on it and say how the heck did I make something so badly, but it's my first and so of course it won't be my best. There are deffinately a lot of things I would change about it though.... like the sides are too long and need to be shortened up a bit, but I suppose that is just because I have a short torso. It's kind of funny, I have cleavage when I wear it. I've never had that before. hehe... anyway, I need to finish packing and clean up my appartment and get mr. beuler ready for the trip (I'm going to put the cage in the car first tonight and then just take him into the car in his carrier, it will hopefully be easier that way).

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