Saturday, February 18, 2006

Project update!

So now that I'm done with the corset I have decided to try to finish that second cabled glove and hopefully it will be done in time to wear it this winter. If not I suppose I will just wear them next winter. I'm also keeping my eye out for a good skirt pattern, I have this material that would make such a good going out and getting fancy skirt if I could just find the right pattern. I was thinking about something that flaired out a bit and maybe had some of that net stuff underneath to make it poof! I'm really starting to become a girly girl... I think the ladies at old navy are rubbing off on my a little. I just wish I had some nice jewlry to wear and some nice dress sandles... I got those boots and I just love them, but now I am needing something for the summer. After making that corset and a few other things I've realised how great it is to have something made to fit me... and fit only me.... made just for me. i'm sure you get the point. It's rare if ever that I find anything that I think, this fits perfect and that just kind of sucks. So I think i'm going to try to start making some of my own clothes... like dress shirts and skirts first and then later i will try pants and dresses. There are about 3 shirts in my clothest that I love that are in taters so I'm going to reverse engineer those and try to make some new ones out of more up to date material. Well here's to hoping.

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