Sunday, February 19, 2006

More skirt stuff

Well, so i found this sew along that is making a skirt and unfortunately the enrollment time has passed and I can't sign up... sigh... oh well. I did buy a pattern anyway and i'm going to make it because as you can see from the past post i was planning on making a skirt. I went and bought the pattern and was so excited that I grabbed the wrong size, oh well, I exchanged it and everything is good now. This is the skirt that I am making (B4025-A). I just happened to have some materal that was handed down to me that will be just perfect! I may have to use interfacing or muslin at the least to reinforce it, but that won't be too hard. The material I have is kind of a black satin that's kind of stiff but very thin. I'm sure it's a poly blend of some sort. It will be a fancy skirt that will look great with the corset I'm going to start making soon... yes I know another corset, but you see I'm addicted, besides, I already have everything I need for it except the time... but that will come eventually. I think I will be able to start and finish the skirt this weekend, I barely work on friday and I have Saturday off, plus no major projects due. Well I do have exams this week so i better go study some french... Parlez-vous fran├žais?

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