Thursday, March 09, 2006

Art Emersion Day, Horray!

So I have decided that although I have two papers, 3 exams, one summary, french homework, and a painting to paint in one week for submission to the sga show that I am taking One whole day off for art, for my love of art, for my desire of art. I am going to take this day, start off at 7am and take myself to chicago. I am less than 2 hours away from chicago and have lived less than 2 hours from chicago for over 8 months and have not gone there. What is wrong with me!? I think I am afraid.. although I am not sure why. So I am going to go and look at art, make art, be inspired and renew my soul. And yes I am serious, I need renewal. I am burnt out, uninspired, and not excited about my work. My cousin ask me "when is the last time you did art for yourself and not for school?" It was a tough question for me to swallow... it has been since last summer! that is too long! that is rediculous!

So what is on the agenda?
the melanee cooper gallery -
the douglas dawson gallery -
the jean albano gallery -
the aldo castillo gallery -
the art institute of chicago -
the museum of contemporary art chicago -

I know, I know, it's a lot to do in one day... but really no... I will do it.... although, honestly the aldo castillo gallery may just be too far away. I'm going to have to check into the El and see if they run out that way. Make it easier on me to get around. I am looking forward to this so much. Most of the galleries are in the northern downtown next to the contemporary so i will most likely go to more galleries than listed. Oh the art emerssion proceeds!

Oh and the painting on the left is not mine, it's something I came across while looking for galleries to go to... I love this woman and I plan on going to boston and meeting her. She is amazing!

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