Wednesday, March 29, 2006

gift again

So I have thought long and hard, and did some math, and realized that I should not be a selfish knitter, that I should just make a baby blanket. This also comes from the realization that there is a huge differnce between 48 squares that would be needed to make a baby blanket and 100+squares that would be needed to make an adult size blanket... so sad. Plus on top of that there is the whole thing about not having enough yarn in the right colors to make a full size afghan. So a compromise has been made. I will make the baby an afghan out of all my random acrylic yarn (which is not a whole lot) and I will make an afghan out of all the random wool yarn for me (which I have a whole lot more of). It will be a goofy looking afghan that will be made out of a bunch of random yarn of random sizes and that I will just make bigger and bigger as the years go along. I think it will be one of those connect the squares as I go along type deals. It should be fun, and colorful!

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