Sunday, March 19, 2006

The long awaited Birthday list!

Well there have been a few requests from family (the people I mainly blog for so they can see what I'm up to as far as projects and events goes) to make a birthday wish list. So here is goes:
1. Bookcase! (or two) tall and narrow is the thing. no wider than 27" and as tall as can be
2. gift certificut to The Yarn Exchange or Dick Blick or JoAnn's Fabric (the only fabric store in town)
3. "Vanishing American Needle Arts" by Denise Longhurst
4. "Compendium of Finishing Techniques" by Naomi McEneely
5. "What is Wrong with Contemporary Art?"
6. "An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists" (I really want this, as far as books go it is top of the list)
7. "The Rape of the Masters: How Political Correctness Sabotages Art" (This is right under animal anatomy for artists)
8. "Denyse Schmidt Quilts"
9. "Make Your Own Contemporary Quilts"

Now of course I do not expect to get all this, but it's just some ideas for what I am interested in right now. Basically any book on art theory would be great, the bookcase is very very needed (I have piles all over my apartment, books and books and books, it's rediculous, but I love it).

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