Tuesday, March 21, 2006

more projects

Well, somehow, even though I hardly have time to eat (last night I had aprox 15 mins to make and eat dinner inbetween school and work), I find time to knit and sew and find new projects to work on. And on top of that, I find that my reading list is getting longer everytime I post. I just added the new book from the museum of contemporary art in chicago. Here's a picture of the front, isn't it beautiful! And then, I just started swatching for the Somewhat Cowl from knitandtonic.com... she has some great patterns.
I'm not sure what color to make it though, but i'm going to make my decision today! I was actually thinking that a beige might be good because I don't have a beige anything really to wear at all and it's a color that looks pretty good on me and would go great with a nice gray wool twill skirts that has little crewel work along the hem! Or possibly light sky blue.... hmm... okay so maybe I won't make up my mind. I want to make it red, but I have three red sweaters already! I don't need to make one. The brown in the picture looks nice, but I just don't know if I want to knit something that's all brown for the summer.... hmmm... anyway I'm thinking about making it with cotton fleece, but i'm not sure if it will work, it did guage perfect though... we will see. In other news it is Jason's (my boyfriend) birthday this weekend. He is turning 24, and is getting over the hill syndrom already "I'm so old, don't remind me about my birthday." Geeze, he better not be like this every year. Anyway, so I got him some pretty good gifts, but I feel like there is something missing, like I should get him one more thing, but I'm not sure what! I will figure it out i'm sure. I'm writing a research paper this week and have two exams and an article summery due all tomorrow! oh my what am I doing on the internet, I need to kick it into high gear!... oh and the reason that I have not posted any works in progress pictures is because my digital camera broke and I am going to have to get a new one. But I cannnot afford one right now, so you will all have to just hold onto your pants and wait until a friend can take some pictures for me. That in a wierd way reminds me. I made a Museum All-Purpose bag or m.a.p. bag as my dad likes to call it (i like to call it that too), and it is the perfect size for taking to museums and galleries. It has a divider so you can put a sack lunch on one side and wallet, keys, phone, brochures, etc on the other. There is an inside pocket, and it buttons on the outside (no noisey zippers or velcro). The strap is 2 inches thick so as to provide a comfortable fit as you run around in the museum. You want to focus on art and not on "oh my shoulder sure does hurt, I wish I would have bought that m.a.p. bag from Kristin Roach Originals!" I mean, I know that's what I want to focus on. Anyway, I will be selling them on etsy.com in a week and a half (after my paper is turned in). I will post a link when I get everything up and running to my online store. Also, I will post pictures of the m.a.p. bag this weekend.

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