Thursday, March 16, 2006

more chicago and a splash of dekalb

Ah chicago... what a great day I had with you. I was dropped off at 10am (hitched a ride with a friend). Walked around for a bit, went to Au Bon Pain and then decided not to so I went to Cosi instead. There were couches, wooden tables, a big fireplace to bake bread in, and most importantly they didn't seem to mind people just buying coffee and sitting for a bit to read. Then off to the insitute for a few hours. There were so many great things there, I could have spent 6 hours there and not just 2.... It was only 7 dollars and I enjoyed it more than a movie, so I figured it was a good deal. I saw so much....

And then I went to the contemporary... interesting as always. There was one instilation and one painting that I really liked. Unfortunately I will have to look them up online because I forgot to write them down. There was another piece that was interesting. There were two empty galleries before I saw the guard and I know she must be guarding something so I keep walking.... and then I see it... a child... a small boy, he's kneeling and facing away from me, I cannot see what he looks like, so I walk around to face him. It is no child at all, it is in reality a child size hitler kneeling in front of me. The realization is startling.... deeping desturbing really. I left feeling discusted and betrayed. I was feeling innocent about the boy and that feeling was quickly replaced with horror because of the face. It's interesting how a face can mean so much, how a half truth is so decieving.

I went to the gift shop... which is more like an extensive library of books that can't be found in your standard bookstore. They range from artist biographies/autobiographies to art history and art theory. The really great thing is that all the art theory books are current. I decide another time I will buy one....

I go across the street to borders and drink some more coffee... I sit down and think about things what I've seen... how much I love the city. I'm thinking "you know, there was a help wanted sign on the door of that coffe place I was at earlier.... oh to work here, to be here, to live here, how wonderful." and then I realize that it won't happen for another 3 years at least, maybe more, so it goes i guess. It was great sitting there looking down at michigan and chicago ave and seeing all those people blur together into one identity... the identity of the city.

I kick myself for not buying that book. It was a toss up really on what to buy. Either "what is wrong with contemporary art?" or "art history versus aesthetics." They were both really good. I decide to go back and make up my mind about which book and buy one. First though I check to make sure that they don't sell them at borders for a whole lot cheaper. They don't. So I go back across the way to the contemporary and look at the books again.. all those wonderful books. Some day I will have a library that fills up two rooms, maybe more. And when I die, I will donate it to the art community and it will be called the Kristin Roach Mermorial Library! Anyway, so after much debate and looking around I decided on "Art History versus Aesthetics." Off to the office to catch my ride home, but I get there early so I go next door to starbucks and get a coffee. You know I don't like them or their coffee, but it is convienient having a coffee shop on almost every block.

I met up with david at 430 and we headed off to the Oak Park Library for the oak park arts league seminar on artists marketing. It was really good and I wrote a bunch of notes. I learned a whole lot and became inspired to sell my art and to market it. We chatted a bit and then headed home.

Back in DeKalb...
More work at old navy.
And I ordered my pattern for the knit along. I'm going to be making the somewhat cowl from Knit and Tonic. I will post a picture of that and other things later.
I had dinner with my neighbors, I'm going to be so sad when they move, but that's not until July so I'm just going to enjoy their company for now.
Watched Cowboy Beebop season 2 again... it is so good.

Well this is a mighty long post so I'm going to call it quits for now. I'll post pictures of things later.

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