Sunday, July 16, 2006

At the Park with the boys

So Jason, Mr. Beuler, and I all went to the park Saturday morning before heading off on our Chicago adventure. The park was beautiful as usually and the company grand. Here are some pictures that I took while there. I will post pictures of Chicago tomorrow.

Today is the last day Mr Beuler will be with me, Jason is taking him while my apartment is being showed and inspected and all that other garbage you have to deal with when you move to a new place. It's so sad and I will miss him so much. I'm sure I will servive, I will just spend more time at the library and school. I'm not sure how long he will have to be gone, hopefully not too long, but I have a bad feeling it may have to be a couple months... sigh... I'm going to go home and spend some time with the little guy and give him a bath too.

Chicago was grand as always, we went to visit one of Jason's friends there. We went to the museum of contemporary photography, the chicago public library, matt's new place, matt's present place, and the thai grill restaurant... all and all it was a pretty good trip, but just for the record jason's friends give the worst directions ever and it took us sooo long to get there and we ended up so far south on 90 that we saw the red line end and i had to pee so bad and we stopped at a gas station that was soooo gross and thankful the guys working there, who were incased in bullet proof glass, had mercy on me and let me use the employee's only bathroom because i'm not sure why, but i was greatful. After chicago we headed home and decided to stop at another friend's house who is also bad at directions. We got so lost going there the last time we visited because he said "take a right, right, left and you are good" which was true, but which right? which left? seriously. So I was very specific when I called to get directions and we got there okay and had some awesome icecream and got to play with their little yorkie puppy, who was rediculously cute.

Really the high light of the whole trip was the library's reading room on the 9th floor which was like stepping into a greek courtyard. The whole ceiling was a sky light and there were trees and plants and it was beautiful and if i lived in that city i would spend a lot of my time there. And I will live in that city and i will spend a lot of time there.

The end.

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keri said...

It sounds like such a nice day, and is Mr.Beuler on a leash? That is so cool!