Friday, July 14, 2006


So I finally finished my drawing class... which I did no drawing for... haha. I guess you could say I was "stretching the boundries of drawing." Yeah, sure I was. Anyway, here is what I made. I will show you some process pictures in the next post, I don't have enough time to right now.

I have some good news. I found out they have wireless at the public library, and it's reallly fast. So I'm going to start coming here to use the internet for free. It's about a block from my job, so I can just come over here before or after I work! Yeah! Free internet!

Oh, and more good news. Jason has started working on my gallery site and it is looking really good! So hopefully it will be up and running by the fall semester.

And did I mention that I am exhausted from this last week of class and that my French class starts monday! I'm so nervous and tired.... not a good combonation, but I am going to be spending the weekend in Chicago with Jason and his friend. It will be a nice weekend to recharge my batteries so to speak.

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Kimmr said...

WOW I'm totally impressed. Way to use your new weaver:) The light art is really illuminating. Get it? Any way that's my bad humor. Both projects turned out great. I still don't get how you can take a drawing class and not draw though. Enjoy Chicago, wear sun screen and take your water bottle holder filled with a nice refreshing bottle of cold water. Tell Jason "Hi" and call when you have a spare moment.