Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hello again

Well, no pictures today, but maybe tonight. I'm going to go to panera and update with pictures from there, but I thought I would drop a little note to everyone out there in blogdom.

I have something great in the works, but I have to prepare it more before I can tell you all about it, I don't want you stealing my great ideas, hehe, yeah right. Basically there are free patterns I'm writing involved and prizes and other good stuff... so keep an eye out for it... I will keep you posted.

I'm going to update my etsy store tonight too, I'm finally going to add that change purse I made (it has a swanky button that I love) and some better pictures of the bookmarks, I'm also going to change the price of the bookmarks to $1 instead of $1.50. There will still be the s&h, but if you order more than one it will be flat rate, like .50 for 1 or more... so go get yourself a bookmark.... after I update tonight.... so go get yourself and your friends a bookmark tomorrow!

Well.... that's all for now, I will try to have a more complete post tonight, with pictures, yes... pictures!

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