Monday, July 10, 2006

Here are the three drawings that I did all together on the bookshelf. I gave away the one on the left to my neighbors for a going away present, I hope they liked it okay. I'm going to miss those two.

And here are a couple pictures along the same thing from my sketch book. By the way, sketch books are amazing... I have yet again taken up the habit of writing and sketching all the ideas I have even if I have no intention of starting or completing them, but all the same I can flip through anytime I feel and get inspired.

So that's all for now, the first of the Crafty Leftover Patterns will be posted tomorrow. How exciting!

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kimm said...

Kristin, Maybe I commented on this before, (I can't remember) but you have taken "your people" to the next dimension. They (you) just keep on improving.