Saturday, December 02, 2006

I have quite a few things to report today. First off there is a new pattern up on Craft leftovers that you should check out.I finally received my yarn winder today and promptly wound the sock yarn that I dyed last week.
I also received a package from Sister Diane of the CraftyPod! The Christmas Digest! It's filled with a ton of great stuff including puzzles, stories, stickers, and crafty ideas for the Christmas season! Thank you Sister Diane!

I went nutty crocheting yesterday. I love the fact that I can start and finish multiple projects in one day in crochet. I made a dishcloth:

And a tea cozy, which I'm thinking about wripping out, but I thought I would show it to you all none the less. I still need to put buttons on it, but I'm not going to do that until I decide to whether or not to frog it. I'm not happy with the bulkiness of the white yarn.
So okay, I'm not a crocheting genious, but I do really enjoy it. The main reason why I have not crocheted more is that there is a complete lack of good quality/modern crochet patterns. They all look well... frumpy/from the 80's/for hippies only or a combo of the three. So I'm setting out on a quest... along with my friend Andrea who is helping with ideas and what nots... to create crochet patterns that are updated and modern. I have a stong inclination that crochet is best for household items, but I do have quite a few clothing items in mind as well. I've been told by quite a few people that this does need to be done. We really do need a revolution in crochet like there has been in knitting! I have looked around quite a bit and I found a site called CrochetMe that has more modern patterns, but they are just one site! We need one hundred sites! Where are the Crochet Lists?! Where are the crochet in's!? Where are the crochet books that make me happy and inspired!? So.... I'm not sure about the sites and the crochet in's, but I'm going to start focusing on crochet in my pattern writing and who knows, maybe I'll even write a crochet book! So there!

Also, in January I'm going to start posting patterns on Craft Leftovers every Friday instead of every other Friday. I am finding that I miss the challenge on Fridays when I don't write one, so, every Friday it will be.

All and all it's been a good day for me, despite the fact that I was not able to be in the Salon show and sell some paintings. I made a whole lot of stuff, cleaned my apartment a bit, and got my tire fixed. It just so happened that the place that I took my car to was a block and a half from the yarn exchange! So instead of waiting in a room at say farm and fleet for 2 1/2 hours, I got to sit around and knit and drink coffee! It is something that I used to do just about every Saturday (the knitting and drinking coffee at the yarn exchange, not the getting my car fixed), it was pretty nice.... Unfortunately I came down with a migraine today, so maybe not driving to the QC was a good thing, it's subsided now, but it's still just below the surface... I think I'm going to call it an early night.

I'm hoping to get another dishcloth crocheted up tonight before bed so I will end this here.

Have a good crafty weekend!


Andrea Rusin said...

I know you said you didn't like the white yarn in the tea cozy. I can't see it all THAT well, but I love the shape and the general design of it. And I'm working on some quilted Christmas cards; you inspired me!

Kristin said...

Yeah, it is kind of a cruddy picture. I will retake and repost it... the little guy is starting to grow on me. I might just put some buttons on it! hehe! I'm glad that I was able to inspire you with the little quilted cards! That makes me want to keep doing the crafty goodness!