Friday, December 01, 2006

It's a Blizzard out there!

Okay, so first I want to show you a picture of the yarn I dyed up on Monday. I really just love it. It is kind of a short yardage, about 150 yards between the two skeins of bulky. I think some fingerless gloves or house booties might work, maybe another scarf or a hat... any ideas as to what I should knit out of this? The gauge is about 4.5 stitches/inch.

So now I'm going to share my adventure with you, and because I am snowed in it's going to be long winded, just to warn you.

Last night I was all packed up for class, walked out to my car, pulled out into the street and "thump thump thump" my tire was flat. Down to the rim. Well crap, what to do. So I call farm and fleet to see if they are taking any more work orders, I figured I could call a friend, get the tire off, and take it up there, or just get towed up there and wait while they fix it. It was no good though, they were all booked up for the night.... well them and everyone else in town. That first blast of cold always does that up here in northern IL. So I figure I will at least get the donut on there and get it fixed in the morning... I can't find the spare. I call my dad, he can't remember where it is either. After about a half hour of looking in the instruction manual, pulling random levers, and lots of swearing, I find it hidden in the left panel in the back (I have a station wagon). My dad tells me that our insurance has towing/changing tire in the cold coverage, so I call around to find someone who can come out. No one can, they are all booked up too.... finally at around my 3rd or 4th call someone agrees. To wrap up this part of the story: my tire gets in the back of my trunk and the donut on the front right.

My plan was to go to bed, get up early, and get it taken care of first thing in the morning before I head off to work. Well, I overslept, I have never slept though my alarm, and it seems like I remember hitting the snooze at some point, but I don't remember it going off again... but it was still on, so I guess I slept straight though it. I jump out of bed, look outside, and well crap, there is a foot of snow on the ground... There is no way I'm going to be able to drive my car in that, which is front wheel drive and my flat is on the front... I don't think that my little spare would do me much good in a foot of snow. So I called my boss and told him that I was going to be a half hour late because I would be walking (this was at 8 am and so I'm thinking an hour to walk to work)... no big deal, a nice walk in the morning snow would be refreshing... I bundle up, take a shot of espresso, put mr b back to bed and head out the door. As soon as I turn the corner a blast of cold air and sleet hits me in the face... now I suppose I should, in the honor of things that are hand knitted, point out that that I have bundled myself in three shirts, a sweater, long underwear, two pairs of socks, industrial boots, pants tucked in, my long handknit gloves, my biggest, thickest, scarf and a hat.... so only my eyes are really exposed... but still covered with glasses... which are instantly fogged and covered in ice... that is correct: ICE! So I can't see... I take my glasses off and my vision improves for a moment... only a moment though because the wind decides to carry the snow into my eyes. I could not keep them open... so glasses back on... I had to walk in the middle of the street because I could not trudge though the snow on the sidewalk, which had now drifted to past my knees. I am moving along as fast as I can, which gives me plenty of time to take in this winter scene... as much as I could anyway with my glasses covered in ice. I did take them off from time to time to make sure that I was still headed in the right direction... it sure is beautiful outside.

I get about 5 blocks from my house and there is a car stuck... well... I'm already late, why not help out... good deeds never hurt anyone... the guy across the street comes to help out too. We push while the guy rocks himself out. The driver asks me where I'm going. "Oh just the VCB," he offers me a lift (I'm still only about 1/4 of the way there at this point)... I accept and we head on our way. So I'm going to only be about 10 mins late, not too bad.... things are going good, what a nice morning... that was really a pleasent walk.... and then the irony hits... my boss calls: "so they didn't call me, but I guess they called everyone else, we are closed today." Well okay, I guess I will head back home... the guy I hitched a ride with (a security man at NIU actually) drops me off at the gas station and asks if I want a ride home... I decline and decide to pick up some milk and bread.... if I'm going to be stranded at home I might as well have some food to eat (I was going to go to the grocery store last night, but the flat tire made that not possible). I bought my food and headed back home. It was strange to see the shadowy figures emerging out of the distance, becoming clear, and fading into the snow and fog again. I got back home safe and sound and only a little damp. And now I'm sipping on some more coffee, I'm about to make some toast and eggs... all and all it really has been a good morning. I love the snow!

And that was my adventure... and unfortunately the only thing that I am not liking about the snow is that there is now no way I will be able to drive home tomorrow morning and I am going to have to drop out the show... I was so hoping to sell my paintings, but these things happen for a reason I'm sure.

And with that I'm going to wish you a happy snow day! Drink some hot choco and stay warm!


Deanna said...

SNOW!!!!! I love it, it makes me so happy. I was hoping for enough for some proper snowman construction, but I don't think we're gonna get that much. Oh well.

Isn't your show this weekend? I hope you can make it there safe!

Tammy said...

Oh Kristin, I'm sorry you have to drop from this show, but I hope you are enjoying the snow anyways. We got just dustings here this week. My son thinks it is so unfair for the rest of the US to get all of the snow. I agree. I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend.