Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Day Today

Here is today's fun. I started out sewing a whole lot to finish my sculpture project....
Here it is at about half its size.... Total size: 12' by 8'

This is what I put it over.... the plaster cast I mentioned awhile back.
Here is the final painting that I turned in tonight, our assignment was to take a product and make it into a holiday using a limited pallet of 4 colors from nature and 4 from a movie still... so I chose parker brothers and they are having a Block Party.
And then I went and took some night photos by the lagoon:

And now I'm at home sitting in my chair posting this blog and sipping some tea.

My semester is offically over and I'm going to go christmas craft it up with my friend tomorrow who's in Oak Park... it should be fun! Goodnight!


D said...

Hey...I'm famous now!

keri said...

Woohoo, you're done!

D said...

Kristin, you rule. I hope you had a safe ride home, and that your car was still there. Thanks again for stopping by, hon! :D

Zann said...

Very impressive! That's a LOT of fabric. Thanks for sharing all of this, I always love to check & see what you're up to. Hopefully, I'm going to spring for a digital camera in the new year & start making some posts. Meanwhile, hope your efforts all pay off with the school work. You are certainly the Arts & Craft Maven.
Relax & enjoy the holidays!