Sunday, December 03, 2006

Wish List Time!

Okay, so all of those folks out there wondering "what would Kristin like for Christmas?" I have the perfect answer: My Wish List! Now, I know that you are thinking, well if I buy it off her wish list she will know what I bought... Not so. I have done my last additions to the list and I promise from this day to after Christmas I will not peek. Promise. Now if you are still inclined to buy something that I have listed, but not through my list, don't! Amazon is not fun to return items to, so just trust me that I won't peek and buy it off the wish list. Don't ruin my holiday cheer by making me do returns... Thank you!

Here are some other non-amazon things that would be cool Christmas presents:
1. A Swift (it's the thing that you put a hank of yarn on to wind it... i need one!)
2. A scale, digital, at least 5 lbs+ capacity, you can get it off for a decent price.
3. Coffee maker with a timer.
4. Coffee in general, decaf and regular are nice.
5. Any and all teas
6. Reusable cloth tea bags for loose leaf tea on the go
7. Socks, I need thick warm socks.
8. Scan Disk drive for my camera
9. Gift certificate to Lowe's, Dick Blick, The Yarn Exchange, Borders, the Quilting Corner in Ames (they have lots of neat fabric), the Bike Shop here in DeKalb that I can't remember the name of.
10. One of those fancy blenders that is also a smallish food processor, those are neat too.
11. House plants for shaded areas that are low maintenance.
12. More Socks!
13. More Sock yarn!

Okay so I know there is a lot on that list and the Amazon list so I just want you to know that I only expect to not get one of those things... Everything else I better get.... Okay so I'm being really sarcastic there. The truth is that I have no expectations about Christmas and I am just one of those people that would be happy just getting to see my family and friends and that is it. Anything else is a pleasant surprise. Have a happy Christmas crafting season by the way!

I finally finished the bath mat from Mason-Dixon Knitting... But I will post a photo of that tomorrow. I also made another crocheted wash cloth! My goal is one a day in a different stitch every time... That way I will learn new stitches and be a crochet wiz in no time at all.... Plus they make for great stocking stuffers!

That's all for tonight, have a great week and see you all tomorrow.


Deanna said...

Hey, where'd you get your ball winder? How do you like it so far?

I know what I'm getting you, and I doubt it's on your wish list. ;)

Kristin said...

I bought it off of ebay. There are a ton of them for sale "buy it now" style for $32ish + s&h.

Aww... you are getting something for me? You are too sweet!