Thursday, December 28, 2006

Long time no post!

Okay folks, I realize that I disappeared there for awhile, but with good reason I swear. Mainly no internet access for almost two weeks and then coming down with a really bad cold. I have been taking lots of pictures while on break and will start posting a few everyday while I'm continuing to settle back into my apartment and working on feeling better.

First I do have a couple updates and good news and whatnot:
1. I was able to graze by with straight A's this semester despite my nervous breakdown and having to withdrawl from a class.
2. Yarn is on the way for dyeing and I have walnuts soaking in a dye bath so the dyeing should be starting soon.
3. The Quilt Block Swap will be starting up again January 1st.
4. Crafty Leftovers will be starting up again the first Friday of January and I will start posting patterns every Friday instead of just every other.
5. I recieved a bunch of great stuff for Christmas: Fabric to books to cds to books to slow cookers to books to awesome knife sets. And my sister came through with a drying rack just in time for my dyeing too. Thank you to everyone and I hope you had a very merry christmas!
6. I have a few great New Year's Resolutions that I will announce after new years.

I'm sure there is something I'm missing, but it will have to wait, my mind is all cloudy and full of snot so on to the pictures!

These pictures were taken in Indiana right before the Christmas season. I just love the way Deb switches over to the holiday season. The window is up year round, as well as the flowers. I have a whole lot more pictures and will post some again tomorrow. I am not running spell check because I am just too tired and am going to crawl into bed with some tea post haste. Have a good night! Sorry for the long disappearance!


Tammy said...

K--Your little nativity looks very similar to mine. I receieved it when I was in the hospital one year as a child. I love it!!

Kristin said...

I really love this nativity too, but it actually isn't mine, it's the friends' I went to see in Indiana. I just love the stuff that she has around her house, so I went a little nutty photographing it all. I've grown up seeing that nativity every year at their house where we grew up next to each other. I think I was there more than my own home! It's really neat that you got your's while in the hospital, I wonder how Deb recieved her's? hmmm... mysteries. I will have to ask.. and I'm rambling... I'm glad you liked it and it brought to you some fond memories!

Deb said...

Where did I get the nativity? Do you have to ask??
Of course, a yard sale in the mid 80's!! That's why you always remember it...I've had it as long as I've known you!!!