Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Horray and Rah, all at the same time.

Just to warn you... this

Things have been so up and down lately I'm going batty. I have good news, then bad, then good, then more bad, then a metal break down (literally). Now I'm better again, but still exhausted and kind of wound a little tight.

First issue of business. The yarn took super long to dry (I should have remember it takes like 3 days). It's dry tonight, but I can't take pictures until tomorrow morning when it's light out. Dang it. But doesn't it look beautiful? I sure think so.

The only issue is that the color is all off, not so great for selling, but it doesn't matter so much for blogging. The colors all have a reddish tint that isn't shown so well in the pictures with a flash.

So the good news that I received on Friday is:

:::::::: drum roll please :::::::::

<span class=BlogHer '07 I'm Speaking" title="BlogHer '07, July 27-29">

I've been invited to speak at the BlogHer Conference in Chicago! I'm going to be a panel member speaking on The Art of Craft. It will be a day two seminar. Exciting right! I get into the whole thing for free too! It would normally be way out of my price range. There are a whole bunch of really great seminars and such that I get to go to. Small business stuff, politics stuff, art stuff, craft stuff. Plus, there are cocktail parties just about every night with fancy little appetizers, sweet, i love fancy food.

Then I got the bad news. I can't get into the classes I need this summer, the class is closed and the prof won't allow any more students. And even worse, the only other time the class is offered is during all the hours I'm working (a schedule that has been locked in for over a month) and it would just be too much to try to work everyday and then go to class everyday too. I kind of flipped. You see, since I can't take these classes now, I have to take them later... like I have to take another semester of classes.... like I have to postpone being with my guy even longer. He's being great, totally supportive, taking it really well, giving me the whole "you know you need to graduate, it wouldn't be good to give up now, it's only one more semester, it will be fine, you will be okay." He's really wonderful like that. I'm starting to get a little bit more used to the idea of staying here longer and making a list of "Pros" instead of just seeing the "cons." Like I get to be close to Chicago for another year. And maybe I will rearrange my apartment because I will be here for another year after all. And you know what, he's right, I will be fine, and even better, I'm sure I'll be just great. Fabulous even.

Okay, so more good news. I went to this neat-o antique place today with my friend Susie and found: ta-dah! Buttons!

These are my favs (although I'm finding new ones that I didn't see before all the time):

I see some really great kits for pencil clutches in the near future.

And with all of my external stress gone, I've taken the time to clean, like realllllly clean my studio:

It's still cluttered, but I have a small place and that is unavoidable. Now everything does have a place and it's all thanks to my new shelving unit! I picked it up from lowes today. I got those two bins at the bottom too. One has felted sweaters and sweaters to be recycled for the yarn in it and the other is clothing to be recycled for the buttons, zippers, and fabric. (I do still have some in my other closet, but this gives me hope that I will get it down to one bin... eventually). The shelves are adjustable too, so I put the bottom taller for the bins and the next a little lower for bolts of fabric. Above that is separate little bins: one for loose buttons, one for buttons on their cards, one for pastels and charcoal, one for silk screening supplies, one from block printing supplies, etc... the list really does go on and on. I also now have a safe spot for my surger so it doesn't get banged around. The paper display is now full of paper and sketchbooks towards the bottom and fabric sorted by color at the top. The yarn to dye and yarn that has been dyed is on the top shelf (so mr b won't get at it) and on the very top, that crazy looking contraption is actually a table top loom! Yea! and I have a place in my studio for all of my resource books (I have another shelf for pattern and art books). I also have a clean work space for the first time in I don't know how long because everything has a place. It is so great feeling

I kind of like this little rack too: The little notebook was actually my grandma's sewing and knitting notes. I'm still kind of emotional (I seriously think it must be that time of the month) and I started crying. To she her tally marks for counting off row and here instructions for a "v-neck" sweater made me reminisce severely. Then there was a list of materials for a doll she made. She was amazing. She made these porcelain dolls, fired them and everything. Painted them too, little rosy cheeks. Then made all of their clothing. Like traditional Victorian wardrobes outfitted down to the details, even little pantaloons. I always loved to watch her sew and crochet. She was a crocheter too. My grandma always said she didn't know how to knit, but seriously, why did she have over 15 sets of knitting needles (pictured here as well)? Maybe she got them from my great grandma. I think it was actually my great grandma that knit the little pin cushion in there. She made my sister and me little plastic canvas sewing kits with those pin cushions and all the other little sewing notions that little girls need.

Ah, i miss that woman. It's kind of cool to think that there are 4 generations of crocheters. Maybe more.

So things really are looking up, but I'm still needing some r&r. It will be good to have two months off of school. I have taken classes in the off season for 3 years straight and I am getting burnt out. Hopefully I will return in the fall with a renewed spirit.

Plus, it will be good to have those two month off to prepare for the Renegade Craft Fair! I submitted my app yesterday morning. I hope I get in! I have some volunteers to help me prepare too. In exchange for dinner and knitting/crochet lessons of course. I'm trying to get the shops stocked up so I can focus on making items and kits for that. I will know on July 7th. Keep your fingers crossed for me. This could totally get Craft Leftovers up and really running. I'm making up some super special kits for the BlogHer thing too. I figure, you can throw away a business card, but would you really throw away a kit? I don't think so. You would give it to a friend instead. I'm going to spread the word about Craft Leftovers like a virus! Mwah hahahah.

And on that note, I'm done. Have a great week everyone!


Anonymous said...

Talk about some ups and downs going on for you! I'm so sorry you couldn't get into the classes you need but maybe things are just working out this way because you were really too overloaded and pushing to finish quickly. This will give you more time to develop all these great outlets you've been getting into. And another year for me to make it up there... : )

On the grandma note - hearing your description brought both a tear and a smile to my eye. I miss her alot to but it's so awesome that you are following in her sewing, art, and crafting footsteps. She would be so incredibly proud of you.

Deanna said...

Hey lady, I'll be answering your e-mail later today once I can actually check my gmail...but first:

1) That yarn looks delicious! I'll buy it from you!
2) I'll volunteer to help you make kits! We can drink ginger beer and listen to obnoxious girl music and watch cult movies! It'll be great!

keri said...

I'm glad to hear that the up-down, up-down is finally evening out and it's all working out for you. I got out of breath just reading all the things that you've been up to lately. Never a dull moment, huh?

If i lived closer I would totally help you prep. It would be fun. =)

deb said...

If your crafting and fabulous ideas are a virus, then cough on me!!!!
Phyllis is so proud of you!!!!
Go Kristin!

kimmr said...

Kristin, I am so excited for you to be speaking at the blogher conference. I know it's been an up and down time for you but you have done a positive thing with the down aspect and turned it into a cleaning frenzy. Your studio looks great! Your yarn is beautiful. And your guy is great. I too miss your grandma, I think she did try to pick up knitting a few before she died. I think Grandma Alta taught it to her. I seem to remember her knitting a sweater. Anyway, congrats on the speaking engagement.

Anonymous said...

I saw your mom and dad today at my sister Mimi's graduation prty. I was talking to your dad about the "noise" music movement and he thought it was pretty cool. Anyway, your mom told me the good news about you getting invited to speak at BLOGHER. That is fantastic! I just wanted to come and check out the blog again and say "totally awesome". I am excited for you and with all the cafts you have been wippin' up lately you deserve it. I talked to your mom about how it is cool that you are merging "art with crafts" because we know how there is that weird tention sometimes between crafters and artists. Anyway just wanted to say hi. hope you have a great time at the conference....
p.s. I should of asked your mom for your telephone # so I didn't have to leave such a long comment...
if you wnat to.... me up.