Saturday, June 16, 2007

Schoooool OUT for the SUMMER!

Oh yes, I am totally singing the title right now. I'm so glad I'm not starting those two classes this Friday after all!

So final project for this class, well it's actually just a start, but that's what my prof wanted, something to keep us all going over the summer.

Junk Mail.... A Year of Junk Mail, to be exact.

Well, that's what it's going to be. I've been collecting it since March and will continue until next March, so a year total. All the while I will be transforming this annoying useless junk mail into decorative and utilitarian works. At the end of it all I'm planning on an instillation, maybe with related workshops.

What is shown is (top left working clockwise) origami mobile (the first attempt), handmade paper, quilling, close up of the quilling. I will also be using sculptural elements and anything else I can think of.

The crit went well I think and after the visiting artist said that I need studio assistance to help "refine" these materials under my guidance, I had a couple of volunteers, so that's cool. Help in the studio is always welcome. My prof said she thought this would be a great senior show/project and I like that idea too. A year of junk mail lands nicely 1 month before I would have that show, so that worked out after all.

In other news the new Craft Leftover project is up:
Nice little picnic napkins. They are double sided too. My friend Andrea gave me this idea. She's a pretty creative lady.

Also pertaining to Craft Leftovers: I've decided to start posting about other diy projects/artists/ideas that carry the Craft Leftovers aesthetic during the week. There is just so much out there, I can't possibly write all the patterns I want to, nor should I have to.

And even more exciting, for me anyway, I've decided to add another element to the Craft Leftovers Store, Reclaimed Leftovers! Okay, so this was kind of a break through for me, and I've thought about it long and hard and it's kind of like the posting about the other diy projects. There are so many materials out there, and in my apartment for that matter, that I feel like I should offer those up too. Kind of helping leftover materials find a good home. It will start out with things like buttons, zippers, trim, small stuff, but I'm hoping to move it into vintage fabrics and yarn as well. Things will be pretty cheap by nature and most of the time less than current prices. The first bits of reclaimed materials will go into the shop this week! I will also be adding kits and other items too. I'll post here to let you all know when it actually happens.

And with that I'm going to go. I'm getting tired and I still need to clean a bit. My out of town friend from Chicago is coming in on the train tomorrow morning and I don't want it to be immediately apparent that I live in filth most of the time!

Have a good week!

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