Tuesday, June 12, 2007

WIP Wednesday!

Wow, thanks for all the super nice comments to my last post, it totally helped to make me feel better last week. I think I'll be out of the woods when this class is over.

Okay, I think it was in the air, hormones or something.... I started, not just one new project, but two!

I did an exhaust dye with a new type of yarn I'm pretty excited about. It's from Hemp4Knitting and it's the HempWol. 50%wool and 50% hemp. It was cream and turned a really pretty tanish grey.... hemp color! Go figure! I do love it. It's kind of heathered too. Anyway, I'm trying out a pattern from the Knitted Vintage Socks book Jason picked me up for... oh was it Chirstmas? And I'm just now starting a pattern from it? Shame on me. Anyway, it's the lady's stockings pattern with the little color work up the side. I'm going to use the walnut dyed superwash merino (I have a little left over from the samples I made). I'm done with the cuff and about to the point where I work my first set of decreases! Oh so exciting, my first pair of knee highs!

The second project that has been eating up the time I would normally give to blogging and other things is a shawl. My very first shawl. I got the pattern here. And a friend of mine gave me her corrections and notes. Thank goodness too because that lady is as vague as I am when it comes to writing patterns. It's coming along fabulously. I'm already past the third set of increases. So it's all more of the same from here. I don't even have to carry the pattern with me. I'm making it with some yarn that I got at the Salvation Army about a year and a half ago. You really can't beat 50 cents a skein for "good quality afghan wool" I think it's Sears brand if that gives you an idea of how old it must be. It does seem of good quality though and I"m happy to not have to buy yarn from KnitPicks for it... and I am so tempted because they are having a huge sale right now until Friday!

This shawl is especially cool because of the shaping, it fits to your shoulders so it won't slide down. It just stays put. It's so neat! I can't wait to try it out in this fall!

I stopped by Micheal's today to pick up some clay for making little models to cast paper off of and found this:::::::::

Why all the sales! Don't they know I'm trying to save! I did only get three so I'm feeling okay. They were only $1 ea and there was 4 yds on each spool instead of 4 feet, which is the standard length for Micheal's dollar bin ribbon.

I'm also working on a junk mail project for my final project for this class I'm in. I did a ton of research last night and this morning and am finally ready to start making stuff. Tonight is my play night. Literally. I'm just going to play with cutting paper, doing some papier maché, sculpting with paper pulp, etc. Then tomorrow and the next I'm going to get down to making "art." Sometimes I hate that word. Sometimes I love it though. I think I'm just burnt out on having to think about what I'm making. I've had three pretty intense projects in a row and I need a break. I sure am glad I'm getting one.

I did a learn a lot of neat stuff doing research though. Like direct marketing pretty much didn't really exist until the movable type press was invented over in Europe and not in the us until the typewriter! And Sears and Montgomery Ward were the first to pioneer bulk mailing service through the postal service. I also learned about how many trees are ground up every year for unsolicited mail and how much of it goes straight into the landfill (about 34% of our landfills is just paper waste!) and how much money ea city wastes each year in hauling it to the landfill.

And speaking of all that I better hop to my play time, it's already 9:18!

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