Thursday, August 31, 2006

Books and more books!

Although I often dread the start of another school year I do always enjoy the addition to my library. This semester's lack of art history classes did not do much to add anything, but I did end up throwing a couple things into the ol' impulsive shopping cart. It has kind of been a catastrophey as far as getting my books goes though, it did end up okay... But stressful non the less. (hmmm... a fire truck just went by, I hope everything is okay...) Anyway, so UPS tried to drop off my Coffee Toddy stuff a bit ago and I missed it and then I missed it again.... so I needed to go pick that up today. And then my books, which I needed yesterday for my french classes, were missed yesterday... and so I called and told them to just leave them at the UPS distrubution center because I needed to pick up the Toddy package.... so I go to pick up the Toddy there around 4:20ish.... and my books are "out for delivery"... I just felt this immediate sense of dread that they were being delivered to my house while I was gone and I would miss them again while picking up the package that I missed the other day (irony anyone), anyway so I get out of there about 4:30 and I have images in my mind of the truck driving off and me chasing it in my car around dekalb honking and yelling like a mad woman (I wouldn't really do that would I? hope not). So get home.... walk up the steps... there is no "missed delivery" tag on my door... and there is my little package in the corner of my door (my door is really secluded)! So oh joy I got my books... but seriously, why could they have left it yesterday so I could have had my homework done for today's classes... so it goes I guess.

In fact, things like that have been happening a lot lately, I suppose for their own good reasons, but it's getting annoying... for instance two short summaries of me being thankful and annoyed at the same time.

1. The books - I'm glad he just left them and I didn't miss my books again, but I'm a bit peevish about the fact that they didn't just leave them yesterday.

2. Painting Class - I am so grateful that I am passing out of the next two levels of painting classes, it will save me a lot of money (about $2000+), it will save me time, it will save me the annoyance of dealing with "paint a square with a gradient and duotone of blue and brown and a cast shadow." It's like being forced to take a class on addition when you know how to do calculus. It's not that it's a "bad" class, it's just boring and for me a little uninspiring.... And I totally just started ranting, but I'm just going to leave it and go on... Point being... Why the heck did they tell me that there was no way no how never ever that I could just submit my portfolio to test out of painting 1-3... I mean, I could be graduating at the end of this year if I would have known that... It's just annoying... But it worked out okay.

It's just one of those things where I am so relieved and I want to be happy, but I'm not because I am annoyed at the same time... It's frustrating.

Okay, so enough of that... Books!
I received:
En Bonne Forme, which is my french textbook
The Art of Southeast Asia, which is my Southeast Asia art history class textbook
The Starving Artist's Way, which is just something that I really wanted to get and was really cheap.

On the way:
The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques The Painter's Handbook: A Complete Reference En Bonne Forme: Cahier De Travail Et De Laboratoire An Atlas of Animal Anatomy for Artists The Vegetarian Family Cookbook Cats On Quilts Vegetarian Meals For People On-The-Go : 101 Quick & Easy Recipes

Mostly more textbooks, but also some cookbooks and Cats on Quilts! Okay, so I don't know why, but I really love that book, I just flip through it and get inspired! It was only $4 so I couldn't say no to it... It actually might have been less, I don't remember now, but cheap, and I enjoy it... and my sentences are getting fragmented and silly. It is a little book that is about 6"x6" and only 60 pages, maybe less, and it is just a bunch of images of cats on textiles throughout western history.... back to medieval time.

Oh yeah and on a side note... The paintings by Eduard Munch were recovered! Yea!!!!!!!!!

And on that happy note I will leave you.

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