Saturday, August 12, 2006

Crafty Leftovers

Well the new pattern went up over at crafty leftovers, nothing too fancy, but an easy to make wash rag. The neat thing about it is that it is half felted for wonderful cleaning goodness. I still need to post a picture of what is looks like when completed, but I have not been able to get online with my computer, so hopefully tonight pictures will go up. Speaking of cleaning goodness I have been cleaning my apartment for, well, since Thursday... but deep cleaning. It's really been good, I'm not usually excited about cleaning, but I rearranged my studio space and organized it and that is always inspiring, it makes me want to make stuff... so I think I will. I have a bunch of projects in the works right now, how exciting! A lot of it is the test items for Crafty Leftovers. Oh I also went through and photographed all of my drawings from my life drawing class that I took last fall. It kind of makes me happy that I think all those drawings are really bad... that means that I've gotten better in the last year.

Sorry there are no pictures, maybe I will do an add in post and post pictures of my studio and the wash clothes... we will see.

Have a good Saturday!

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Okay so this is really dark, but you can deal with it I'm sure.

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keri said...

It looks like a great space!